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The mound builders had no Caste System.

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Q: Where were women on the caste system of the mound builders?
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What kind of jobs did the mound builders have?

The mound builders were typically farmers, hunters, gatherers, and artisans. They engaged in activities such as agriculture, pottery-making, weaving, and tool production to sustain their communities and construct the mounds. Some may have also served as religious or political leaders within their societies.

The role of women in the caste system?


What are some ancient Indian words that start with z?

Zenana is an Indian word that is a harem on the Indian subcontinent, a part of the house reserved for high-caste women/women who are ranked highly in the Caste System; a system of segregating women into harems.

Was a persons caste important in Buddhism?

No, he was against the caste system and believed and taught that all men and women are equals.

How were the mounds built by the mound builders?

Adena Indians built mounds using the women and girls of the tribe. They carried clay and earth in woven baskets to the site of the mound. The men only supervised. This from the book"Mounds in the Mist, by Harry Kroll and Mildred Payne

An important factor in encouraging the growth of the women's rights movement was the?

caste system

Does the caste system in India allow people to move up the social ladder And what is the role of women in this system?

yes if they obey all rules they can be reincarnated into a higher caste. women can only be reincarnated into an animal if all rules are obeyed.

Did the buddha supported the caste system as a part of the eight fold path?

No. He believed that all men and women are equal.

What is the difference in height between a women's college softball pitchers mound and home plate?

There is no height difference. A softball mound is not raised like a baseball mound.

Why has there been a decline in state- mandated caste system?

a.As more women were elected to office, the moral issues surrounding castes overrode the political ones. b.As more countries industrialized, the Caste System became economically obsolete. c.The United Nations passed a resolution condemning caste systems. d.Countries that sanction the caste system have experienced serious boycotts from other, more enlightened countries. e.All of the above.

Can women be Brahmin?

Yes. They are born into that caste. But the way both men and women carry themselves keeps them in the Brahmin caste.

Will the caste of women change after Hindu inter caste marriage?

When a Hindu girl marries she takes the caste of the husband whether he is of the similar caste or intercaste