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Q: Which German city was divided into two after world war 2?
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What was the German strategic mistake in World War 2?

Notably , fighting on two fronts which divided German military assets .

Which nation was divided into two parts after World War 2 and was elected in the capital city?


What city is divided in two by a lake?

It has to be Michigan

Epcot is divided into what two sections?

It is divided into Future World and World Showcase

How did the fall of Berlin wall effect the German community?

The Berlin Wall was a physical dividing line that divided families without visitation rights. The wall divided the city of Berlin into TWO different cities; East Berlin and West Berlin.

Which European city was divided into two parts by a wall?


What city is divided into two by a lake?

Twin Cities Minnesota

What is created when the world is divided into two equal halfs?

Two hemispheres.

What German city was dived by the Soviet Union and democratic?

Berlin was divided at the end of World War II. Various allied countries had occupied parts of the city and after the war, the Soviet Union refused to give their part back to the newly formed democratic Germany. A wall was built between the two parts: the famous Berlin Wall.

What European city was once divided into two parts by a wall?


After World War 2 what German city was divided between two countries one under democratic rule the other under Communist rule?

Berlin. It was divided into West Berlin (capitalist) and East Berlin (communist) by the Berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall was torn down in 1989, and East Berlin and West Berlin were formally reuinted in 1990.

What were the German War Aims in World War Two?

German supremacy over Europe.

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