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Auschwitz located at Oswiecim, Poland.

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Q: Which concentration camp killed the most prisoners in the Holocaust?
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What happened at the first Concentration camp in the holocaust?

Political Prisoners were putted in Dachau concentration camp. The first Nazi camp built.

What happened to owners of the concentration camp after the Holocaust?

They were killed by other nations.

What did deportation mean during the Holocaust?

the moving of prisoners from one concentration camp to another one

Was Holocaust a concentration camp?

No, concentration camps were a part of the Holocaust.

What was selection at a concentration camp?

The first Concentration Camp was the Holocaust

What happened to the prisoners' possessions when they were sent to the Concentration Camp?

All possessions were seized by the SS and used to finance the Holocaust (and the war).

How many people died in the Gleiwitz concentration camp?

During the holocaust, Gleiwitz concentration camp in Gliwice, Poland, was operational between March of 1944 and January of 1945. During this time the camp held around 1,300 prisoners. It is thought that many, if not all, of these prisoners died.

Was dachau a Concentration camp or Death Camp?

During the Holocaust, Dachau was a Concentration Camp.

What type of prisoners where at Bergen-Belsen?

POW from world war II...then it turned into a concentration camp, they killed lots of jews and russian prisoners there.

What was the first Concentration Camp to be built in the Holocaust?

The first Concentration Camp built by the Nazis were Dachau Concentration Camp.

What was a concentration camp in the holocaust?


Why did the aushwitz concentration camp give tattoos to their prisoners?

During the Holocaust, concentration camp prisoners received tattoos only at one location, theAuschwitz concentration camp complex, which consisted of Auschwitz I (Main Camp), Auschwitz II (Auschwitz-Birkenau), and Auschwitz III (Monowitz) and the subcamps. Incoming prisoners were assigned a camp serial number which was sewn to their prison uniforms and tattooed on the wrist. Only those prisoners selected for work were issued serial numbers; those prisoners sent directly to the gas chambers were not registered and received no tattoos.

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