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David Crockett. I am related to David Crockett. Walt Disney gave him the false name of Davy Crockett, and it has stuck everywhere. Our grandmother always corrected family members and friends. Lawrence and Hickman Counties. There are many other counties you can find on Wikipedia.

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Q: Which counties did Davy Crockett live in Tennessee?
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Where did Davy Crockett Live?

He lived in Tennesee for most of his life and then left to fight in the Alamo.

Did Davy Crockett have a cousin named Julianna Crockett?

My grandfather went to live with his grandparents, Samuel and Julianne Crockett Carroll when his mother Malvina Carroll Bullock died. His story was that Davy Crockett was Julianne's half-brother and Davy was his half-uncle.

Did anyone see Davy Crockett die?

i was not a live when Davy Crockett was born or when he died i would like to see Davy Crockett i head he was a nice man and he was strong and 6 feet tall he was born on august 17,1786 and died on march 6,1836 he died when he was 49 years old Davy crockett's real name was David stern he lived in tennesee as a child if he was still a live he whould be 225 years old,3 mothes and 28 days old.Davy Corkett's family's names where Reba and John Crockett.Davy Crockett died because the enemy mexican soilder.Davy Crockett was so importent because he was int he Alamo but he died .Without him texans might have lost hope and he wore a coon hat.

When did Davy Crochet live?

Did you mean Davy Crockett? August 17, 1786 - March 6, 1836

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