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Q: Which former Soviet leader won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1990 for his part in avoiding nuclear war and stopping the race to gather more weapons?
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What caused was the of the 1962 Cuban missile crisis?

The Soviet Union had begun to install nuclear weapons in Cuba.

What did the United states and Soviet Union agree to do in START?

Reduce Nuclear Weapons, people! I HAVE FURY!

Did Kazakhstan inherit nuclear weapons from the Soviet Union?


Why did the Soviet install offensive nuclear weapons in Cuba?

Because the US already had offensive nuclear weapons in Turkey. They saw it as "balancing" things.

Who ended us nuclear weapons monopoly and when?

Soviet Union 1949

What did the US and the Soviet Union agree to start?

Reduce nuclear weapons

What did the soviet union and US agree to do in start?

Reduce nuclear weapons

What did the US in the Soviet Union agreed to do in START?

Reduce nuclear weapons

What is proliferation of nuclear weapons?

Proliferation of nuclear weapons refers to the spread of nuclear weapons amongst different countries. First the U.S. had a nuclear bomb; then the Soviet Union had a nuclear bomb, followed by other countries such as the United Kingdom, France, China, India, and so on.

What former Soviet Union state has the most nuclear weapons?

Russia, of course.

What agreement was signed to limit the US and Soviet's nuclear weapons?

SALT was first

What was important about the soviet atomic bomb test?

It showed that the USSR had nuclear weapons.