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Royal colonies type of colonial government was most disliked by settlers. These colonies were under direct supervision of the King.

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Q: Which kind of colonial government was most disliked by settlers?
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US government replaced what kind of government?

Prior to the centralized federal government being formed the thirteen colonies had colonial assemblies in which constiuents would meet to dicuss issues. The colonial assemblies arose largely because the government that the US was technical under, the British Monarchy, essentially ignored them. So the US government in the most current sense replaced the colonial assemblies, but the US government in general replaced the British Monarchy.

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In the beginning the Native Americans were friendly and helped the settlers farm and make a life in this new land, sharing all they had with them. They taught them how to hunt and fish and taught them about all the new fruits and berries that were abundant in this new land. Many intermarried the settlers and they lived peaceably for some time.

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New York Was Originally Governed By The MayFlower Compact, Until They Went Under New Leadership Then Were Governed By The House Of Burgesses

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