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Q: Which states required court approval to free enslaved people?
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Article VII?

Approval by conventions of nine of the states was required to ratify the Constitution.

What was required in order to change the articles of confederation?

Approval by all 13 states.

Ratification of the constitution required approval by?

at least nine states out of the thirteen ratified the document.

What statement correctly compares the procedure for ratifying the US Constitution with the procedure for ratifying the Articles of Confederation?

The articles required unanimous approval of all 13 states while the constitutuon required approval by only 9 of the 13 states:)

What were states were enslaved people were held?

i don't necessarily know what states but i do know its the southern ones

Which states' ratification guaranteed the constitution's approval?

New Hampshire. The Constitution required nine states to ratify. New Hampshire was the 9th.

What does the proclamation mean for enslaved people in the border states?

Absolutely nothing. They were excluded.

How was spartan militarised?

they invaded neighboring city-states and enslaved local people

What was the document that freed enslaved people living in the Confederate States?

Emancipation proclamation

The approval of two-thirds of the states is required to make an amendment to the Constitution True or False?

We are not answering your homework for you

How did the south want to count enslaved people when counting th epopulation of the states?

every 5 enslaved people would count as 3 free persons in terms of representation and taxation.

How many states had to ratify the articles of confederation before it became effective in 1781?

The Articles required unanimous approval from the states. That means all 13 of the original states/colonies.

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