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The Mughal Empire

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Q: Who dominated south Asia during the ottoman empire?
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What empire dominated South America?

The Colonial Empire of Spain.

Which empire dominated South America?


Who colonised Yemen?

Ottoman empire and in the south England

Where were the Mughal Songhai and ottoman empire located?

The Mughal Empire was located in India, the Songhai Empire in West Africa and the Ottoman Empire was located across South East Europe, North East Africa and a bit of Asia.

Which nation dominated the trade routes south and east of Africa in 1400s?

Empire of Songhai

What country ruled Israel during World War 1?

The Ottoman Empire. The country of Israel didn't exist until 1947.

Describe the geographic extent of the Ottoman empire at its height?

At its peak the Ottoman empire stretched from Hungary and Poland in the north to Saudi Arabia in the south and from Algeria in the west to Iran and the Persian Gulf in the east.

Who were the great powers of Europe in 1700?

The Swedish Empire in the north. The Russian Empire in the east. The Ottoman Empire, the Spanish Colonial Empire and the Portugese Colonial Empire in the south. Great Britain and France in the west. Finally, in Central Europe; The Habsburg Empire (Austria).

What was Ottoman Palestine?

The Ottoman Empire ruled the region of Palestine in three distinct provinces: the Wilayat of Beirut in the north (which extends into much of Lebanon), the Mutasaffirat of Jerusalem (which is bunched in the center), and the Wilayat of Damascus in the south (which extends into modern Jordan and Syria. There was no concept in the Ottoman Empire of a unified Palestine as Palestinian activists conceive of it today.

What nickname did Georgia received during the 1930s?

The Empire of the South

Who dominated the south economically and politically?


What country dominated the subcontinent of South Asia?

India and Hinduism in particular dominated the world

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