Who is Cuchulain?

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otherwise known as setanta, cu chulainn means "hound of culann" a title he got after slaying the great guard dog of the king of ulster. he then took on the duties himself. a great folk hero, credited with many feats of bravery and strength. died tragically fighting his friend ferdia. New Answer Actually he wasn't killed by Ferdia.CuChulainn killed Ferdia with his spear called the Gae Bolg (which means 'belly spear') during a two day battle at a river during the invasion of Ulster buy Queen Medb. CuChulainn was killed after the invasion when he was stapped with his own spear by Lugaid Mac ConRoi who was the son of the king of Muster, CuRoi, who was also killed by CuChulainn.

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Q: Who is Cuchulain?
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Where is the statue of cuchulain?

The General Post Office in Dublin.

In the Tain why did cuchulain killed his son?

Cuchulain serves to act as Ireland's 'Hercules' or 'Achilles' he is a representation of the perfect warrior and one trait that was and still is very prominent among the Irish is a stubborn sensibility and a refusal to back down regardless (the Northern Irish problems are a precise example). The episode with Connla is created to signify Cuchulain's brutal stubborn nature. It is a common theme throughout Ultonian mythology that Cuchulain will never turn down a fight (except in the instance with Fergus' whereby master and pupil make an agreement).

How do you say bird in Irish?

Correct Answer: The Irish word for bird is éan. Cuchulain was a legendary Irish hero.

What was the name of the novel and TV film that featured Robert Lindsey as an RC priest and terrorist with the code name cuchulain?

"Confessional" from 1989!

Who is the hero of the Cattle raid of Cooley?

The hero is a young man named Cuchulain....although, you'll want to check my spelling, I'm sure I got it wrong. Anyway, he took up arms because of a prophecy given by a druid, who was an adviser to the King of Ulster. And so he took up arms, and began to fight. When the cattle raid began, the men of Ulster were besieged by an ancient curse, weakened to the point that they couldn't fight. However, Cuchulain, who wasn't born in Ulster, still could fight. His very presence kept the entire enemy army at bay.

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What does cuchulain mean?

Cuchulainn is a hero of irish legend. There are several celtic ballads composed in his honor. An unbeatable warrior who went into a rage that transformed him during battle. Also, he is written about in depth in what is called the "Ulster Cycle" which is a collection of legends about The rule of King Ulster. These legends are said to have given birth to the Arthurian Legends from England later on.

Is it pagan to worship a dead man on a cross?

Well that would really depend on who the dead man on the cross is. If it's Jesus, then it's probably not pagan(though some pagans incorporate Christianity into their religion.) I can't think of any pagan figures that would be on a cross, but there are many sacred figures who are bound, tortured and/or dead(such as Prometheus, who was bound to a stone, or Cu Cuchulain who tied himself upright to a stone when he died so he would be on his feet.)

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