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Elizabeth I was preceded by Mary I, her sister.

Elizabeth II was preceded by George VI, her father.

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Q: Who preceded Elizabeth prior to her bring crowned Queen?
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Why did the king and queen approve to support Columbus?

It was King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, not Queen Elizabeth I that financed Columbus' voyage.They did so because it would enhance the wealth and prosperity of Spain.Queen Elizabeth I was not born when Columbus made his voyage.

What was the opinion of Elizabeth 1 about the religious practices of her people?

When she came to the throne, England was a divided country.Most people were Protestant although Queen Mary had made England a Catholic country.Elizabeth was a protestant though this was not her problem for she wasn't as devoted as Mary or Edward so was prepared to make sacrifices. Europe was also divided though France and Spain (the most powerful countries in Europe at the time) were Catholic.They both wanted to take over England and compared to them England was weak.Spain and England had been enemies for centuries and were at was but King Philip of Spain wanted to marry Elizabeth after queen Mary died.If elizabeth made England protestant however, He would organise catholic countries to attack it. Half of the country was Catholic and half Protestant. They were both killing each other.

What did Columbus offer the king and queen of Spain?

The only thing that Columbus offered to the king and queen of Spain was a promise to bring back riches. He did not give them any tangible thing.

How did the Battle of Hastings contribute to the rise of feudalism?

William the Conqueror, who took over England after the Battle of Hastings, helped to bring the system of feudalism over from the country he was from to England after he had been crowned king.

Did the king and queen of Spain finance columbuss trip?

Columbus told the king and queen he would bring them back riches, and Spain at the time was competing with Portugal. In fact, Columbus also tried unsuccessfully to get support from Portugal, which was already finding sea routes to the East.

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What is the proper word for a king or queen bring crowned?


What was Queen Elizabeth's main goal?

Queen Elizabeth's man goal was to bring order and peace to England, to protect the people as if they were her children.

What changes did Queen Elizabeth bring?

She created the roots of modern basketball

Did Columbus bring Queen Elizabeth 1 a fan from America?

No. Columbus died in 1506, and Elizabeth I was born in 1533; it is completely impossible. Not to mention, why would he bring Elizabeth a gift when he was an Italian man sailing for Spain?

When did Queen Elizabeth restore a protestand kingdom and bring England to its highest success?


When did Queen Elizabeth 1 restore a Protestant kingdom and bring England to its highest success?

she wanted the D

Did Queen MaryI get executed?

yes she was beheaded when her sister elizabeth I sent her to death for bring a mad women.

What religion did Queen Elizabeth bring back?

she made England a Protestant country, as opposed to Mary's (her sisters) Catholic rule.

Who helped Elizabeth 1 to achieve her goal to be a queen?

The men that helped Queen Elizabeth I achieve her goal to be a queen were the Mercenaries that raided and destroyed Spain's trade ships. She did not have a goal to be queen; for she was already queen, and if they disagreed that she was a good queen than it would not matter. but she was a remarkable women, widely known as the virgin Queen. she tried to bring peace and order to her land by ridding them of the Spanish. She is a great part of history; I do not know that much of her, but I would recommend look around on the web to find a better source than me; but still, hope this helps.

Which queen enjoyed Shakespeare's plays?

Queen Elizabeth enjoyed William Shakespeares plays. She enjoyed them so much she even had her servant bring him to her house and perform his plays! Tesi 22

What did Queen Elizabeth do in protestant reformation?

Queen Elizabeth I played a significant role in the Protestant Reformation in England. She established the Church of England, which separated from the authority of the Pope and embraced Protestant beliefs. Elizabeth implemented religious policies that sought to bring stability to the nation and mitigate the religious conflicts that had plagued England during her predecessors' reigns. Her religious settlement and support for the Protestant cause helped solidify England as a Protestant nation.

What items did Walter Raleigh bring back from the New World for Queen Elizabeth?

yes, Sir Walter Raleigh did bring back potatoes and he brang back tobacco too. Although both of theese were already known via the spanish.