Who was the founder of America?

Updated: 10/18/2022
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everyone who signed the Declaration of Independence. and the founding fathers

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Q: Who was the founder of America?
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Who has had an impact on America?

Christopher Columbus was the founder of America

Founder of Bank of America?

A. P. Gianini

Who is Samuel A Ward composer of America the Beautiful?

He is the founder and Creator of America the beautiful

Founder of Connecticut?

The Reverend Thomas Hooker is the founder ofConnecticut as well as the \Father of America Democracy.

Who is founder of Bank of America?

Amedeo Pietro Giannini

Was Amerigo Vespucci the founder of America?

you suck balls

Who was founder and chairman of America Online Corporation?

Steve Case

Who was the principal founder of Constitutional law in America?

john marshall

Who was the founder of South America?

Jesus i know him so i should know

Who is the founder of Illinois?

wow, Christopher Columbus founded America, and explored

Who was the co-founder of the united farm workers of America?

Dolores Huerta

Who usually is thought of as the founder of mother's day in the united state's?

Anna Jarvis is thought of as the official founder of Mother's Day in the United States of America.