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Q: Who were the people would have been members of the Federalist Party?
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Republicans charged that the Federalists would bring back the form of government called a?

Federalist Party bro

Was George Washington a Democrat or Republican?

Those parties didn't exist yet. But there was the anti-federalist and federalist party. He was a federalist. So, if he really had to choose a side, he would probably pick republican. Neither. He was a Federalist. George Washington was a member of the Federalist Party. The Federalist Party eventually was succeeded by the Republican Party.

What was the purpose of the anti federalist party during the period when the states were considering the us constitution?

The Anti-Federalist Party opposed the ratification of the U.S. Constitution during the period when the states were considering it. They believed that the Constitution would create a too powerful central government that would undermine the rights of the states. Their purpose was to advocate for a decentralized system of government with strong state powers and specific protections for individual liberties.

Was alexander hamilton an anti federalist?

He wrote 50 of the Federalist Papers - he was definitely a Federalist, as in a supporter of the Constitution.

When was the first political party division in the US?

Thomas Jefferson once said that two people was a law firm and three a political party. My point is that from the very start of the nation political parties were divided. In 1789 there were the Federalist and the anti federalist. Washington warned that political parties were dangerous because they would only be concerned with reelection and maintaining power. He was right. So, the answer to your question is that there has always been fractions within the parties and they have become what we have today.

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Which president was the only president to serve as a Federalist Party member?

John Adams, the second president, was the only Federalist Party president. When George Washington became president there were no political parties. As time went on different people began to believe that the federal government should be strong and these believers were known as Federalists. Others believed the federal government should not be strong and they became known as Democratic Republicans. George Washington certainly believed in a strong central government and in the Federalist position, but there was no Federalist Party just yet. That is why he was not a "Federalist Party" president. As it became clear that Washington would not seek a third term, the people of the different thoughts became more organized into parties. John Adams hated political parties, but he was backed by the Federalists and ran for President as a Federalist and won. After Adams served, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison James Monroe served two terms each as members of the Democratic Republican party. By this time the Federalist Party all but disappeared. John Quincy Adams ran for president as a member of the National Republican party.

Which party would union members support?

the union members

Why did the federalist write the federalist papers?

Hamilton wrote his 51 essays of the Federalist Papers, and devised the idea, because he was becoming increasingly worried over the fate of the new Constitution. New York was a battalion of anti-Federalists who were bent on not ratifying the Constitution. Hamilton wrote the Federalist Papers, with James Madison, to provide a breakdown of the Constitution and why it would protect people's rights. The Federalist of the Federalist Papers is NOT the same Federalist of the Federalist Party. Federalists in the Federalist Papers really just means someone who supports the Constitution.

What is Abigail Adams party?

John Adams was a federalist so I would assume that Abigail Adams would be too.

What political party feared that a strong federal government would be too intrusive?

Anti federalist

What was the form of government the republicans charged the federalists would bring back?

Federalist Party Dude XD

Republicans charged that the Federalists would bring back the form of government called a?

Federalist Party bro

Which political party would Boston factory owner most likely support?

most likely federalist party because they fall into manufacturing and bussiness.

Who were the leaders of each of these two political parties that was formed during Washington's second term?

The Democratic-Republican Party was founded by Thomas Jefferson, they thought that less government power was needed to secure peoples rights. The Federalist Party was founded by Alexander Hamilton, they thought that more government power was needed to secure people rights (which included a strong military). Both of these founders where in George Washington's Cabinet. George Washington did not choose a favorable side, however, he did not believe in a Political Parties. He remained neutral. A Federalist back then would be considered to be a modern day Republican. A Democratic-Republican back then would be considered to be a modern day Democrat. Lincoln would form the Republican party. Andrew Jackson Formed the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party would also be less commonly known as The Jefferson-Jackson Party.

Who was the last federalist president?

The only federalist president I can find is John Adams.

Series of articles that helped increase support for the constitution?

These are the Federalist papers. They were written to help give the American people a better idea of what laws would be governing them.

Immigrants Catholics freethinkers and backwoods farmers of the 1840s would be members of what political party?

The Democrat Party