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Hammurabi inherited one major direction for his political activity to succeed in controlling the Euphrates waters. An important area of the code was written that depended exclusively on irrigation agriculture. Since Hammurabi expanded the kingdom to conquer all of ancient Mesopotamia, he had to regulate the use of water for his expanding kingdom.

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Q: Why did Hammurabi make strict laws about irrigation ditches?
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Who was the Mesopotamian ruler responsible for a code of strict laws?


How is Hammurabi's code different from Canadian laws?

Hammurabi's law is more strict than Canada's law.

Hammurabi's code of law consisted of how many strict laws?


What was the first set of laws dealing with religion irrigation military service and trade?

The code of Hammurabi?

What were Hammurabi's legacy?

Hammurabi's code is known for its tyrant nature. So his legacy would be the harshness of his laws, and the strict discipline that he executed them with.

How does the Hammurabi's code affect future times?

Citizens would probably be scared because Hammurabi's laws were super strict and would probably threaten people.

How many laws of Hammurabi were there?

there were 282 laws made by hammurabi

What does the code of Hammurabi reveal about Sumerian society?

Hammurabi's laws were established to be the "laws of Justice" intended to clarify the rights of any "oppressed man." Mesopotamia society under the Hammurabi code was one of strict penalties for criminal offenses with punishment severe and varied according to the wealth of the individual.

What were the laws in Mesopotamia?

there is a code of laws developed by Hammurabi called the Hammurabi laws

How many laws did King Hammurabi had?

King Hammurabi had 282 laws.

How many laws are in the Hammurabi code?

There are 282 laws in the Code of Hammurabi.

What is the name Hammurabi set of laws?

Hammurabi's Code is the name of Hammurabi's ancientt Mesopotamian laws, which were also they first set of recorded laws.

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