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Small minds tend to believe that THEY, and people like them, are superior. They tend to believe that since they are superior they have the right to do whatever they want to people who are inferior. These are the same type of people who were participating in racial hatred during the 50's and 60's.

Usually these types of people are actually ignorant and weak. They attempt to build up their own self image by tearing down someone else. It did not work well for them during the Holocaust and it still doesn't work.

Hitler and his followers tortured the Jews because they believed tht they had the right. They truly believed that they were the "master race". They truly believed that the financial problems of Germany during the 30's was caused by the Jews. They ignored the fact that they brought on much of their own problems when they started WW1, and that the problems of the 30's was little more than the reaction of the rest of the world to their aggression of WW1. the Nazis were selfish people and to whom they tried to kill they managed to fight back. and this makes me mad because it is so not right you know.

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To whomever wrote the above answer.

You are giving your personal opinion on the matter you are not stating WHY they did it.

You should read the book "The Castle in The Forest", give it some thought and then you will see things beyond just mere superficial appearance.

Hitler had a chain of reasons why he should punish Jews. Didn't make it right what he did though. But thinking he was superior was difinitely NOT it.

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2015-07-14 05:24:43
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Q: Why did Hitler torture the Jews?
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