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They were allies with Germany.

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Q: Why did Italy enter World War 2?
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When did Italy enter World War 2 on the side of the Allies?


When did Italy enter the war against the allies in World War 2?

Italy declared war on France and Britain on 10 June 1940.

How did Mussolini influence Italy's decision to enter World War 2?

Mussolini told Italy that they can have all the land they want if they fight in world war 2. he said that they would not lose the war.

What kind of government did Italy have after world war 2?

After the World War 2 Italy did have a democratic type of government.

Did Italy gain or lose territory in World War 2?

Italy lost its territories in World War 2 as they lost the war.

What part did Italy play in World War I and World War 2?

Italy was part of the axis forces in World War 2. In World War 1 Italy and it's colonies were part of the Allies forces.

When did Portugal enter World War 2?

It didn't enter the war.

What caused Italy to not join in World War 2 when Germany invaded Poland in 1939?

Despite the expectations of Hitler, Mussolini did not enter WW 2 when Hitler invaded Poland in 1939. His explanation to Hitler was that the Italian military was not prepared enough to enter the war at that time. After the French surrendered in 1940, Italy finally did enter the war.

Who ruled Italy during World War 2?

Benito Mussolini ruled Italy during world war 2

What is the biggest war was Italy in?

world war 2

What countries were invaded by Italy during World War 2?

Italy Italy Italy

What convinced many Americans that the US needed to prepare to enter world war 2?

The alliance between Germany, Italy, and Japan

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