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It fell because East and West Germany were being reuntied after years of separation by the Berlin Wall. It went up as a symbol of divided Germany and fell down showing that Germany was reunited and that a wall was not needed to separate the people any longer. The wall fell in 1989.

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The fall of the Berlin Wall started to be put into effect at the conclusion of an international press conference in East Berlin, when greater freedom of travel was announced for people of the German Democratic Republic. Border crossing points all along the wall were opened to anyone who wanted to cross on 9 November 1989, following the conference.

Prior to this date, East Germans were only allowed to enter the West under strict conditions. Earlier that evening, the East German government spokesman, Günther Schabowski, had announced on TV that East Germans would be allowed to travel abroad freely but didn't announce the date when this would come into effect. A huge crowd gathered in Unter den Linden in East Berlin and simply demanded the right to cross into West Berlin. The guards at the Brandenburg Gate were at a loss as to what to do. In the end they decided to let people cross over and merely put a rubber stamp in their passports. Then the number reached the point where even that was no longer possible. The official demolition of the Berlin wall began on 13 June 1990, and was undertaken by former East German border guards under a democratically elected government.

(Note: Since 4 September 1989 there had been huge demonstrations (so-called Monday Demonstrations) against political repression and the regime demanding a wide range of reforms. The protest crystallized round the right to travel abroad. Until 9 November 1989 one could only travel to the West with the permission of the authorities).

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Q: Why did the Berlin Wall fall?
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