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The Chinese came to New Zealand to work in the Otago goldfields.They came from Canton, in China, around 1865.

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for the land

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Uh, China (originally Guangdong provence)

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Q: Why did the Chinese come to New Zealand?
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What country did Chinese goosberies originate?

Chinese goosberies are actually kiwi fruit and they come from New Zealand.

Where did the Chinese come from in new zealand?

Uh, China (originally Guangdong provence)

Do kiwi birds live in Brazil?

No, kiwi (the bird) come from New Zealand and they are native to New Zealand. Kiwifruit comes from New Zealand also, but they are also called the Chinese Gooseberry.

Why did a large number of Chinese come to new zealand in the 1880's?

For the coal/gold mining

Where do most immigrants come from to do?

Top Five: United Kingdom, Italians, New Zealand, Indochinese, Chinese

When did the Chinese first come to new zealand?

According to New Zealand History: In the 1870s and 1880s, several thousand Chinese men, mostly from the Guangdong province, migrated to New Zealand to work on the South Island goldfields. Although the first Chinese migrants had been invited by the Otago Provincial government they quickly became the target of hostility from white settlers and laws were enacted specifically to discourage them from coming to New Zealand.

How many Chinese New Zealand residents live at Auckland New Zealand?

To many.

Where do Chinese goosberries come from?

Chinese gooseberries, also known as kiwifruit, originated in China and were later spread to other countries like New Zealand where commercial cultivation began. They are now grown in various parts of the world with suitable climates.

Where in New Zealand did the Chinese settle and what did they bring with them?

The Chinese settled in Otago, New Zealand because the Chinese wanted to work in the gold mines to get rich and sell on the black market.

How has Chinese contributed to New Zealand being a multicultural nation?

the Chinese community in new zealand was predominatly male until after the second world war.

How have early Chinese migrants contributed to New Zealand society?

The early Chinese migrants have contributed to New Zealand society in various ways. They have participated in most of development processes since they have been in New Zealand for more than a century. The Chinese are particularly involved in the industrial processes.

What country did the word kiwi come from?

The kiwi is native to New Zealand.