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to help their surplus and the phaoh

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Q: Why did the nomads become farmers?
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What discovery turned nomads into farmers?

The maize turned nomads into farmers.

Farmers and nomads sell goods at outdoor markets called?

farmers and nomads buy/sell goods at outdoor markets called sepets.

What discovery turned nomads in farmers?


What are farmers that moved from place to place?


Who depended on pastoral nomads?

The farmers depended on the pastoral nomads for the animal products like meat, milk and the skin products.

What are farmers and herders living in groups called in paleolithic period?


Do the nomads still exsists?

Yes they do, this answer probably won't be seen, but nomads are almost everywhere, anyone can become nomads anytime.

How do Tibetan nomads support themselves?

Many of the Tibetan nomads are shepherds and horse breeders. Most of the Tibetans are farmers who exchange their produce at fairs and horse festivals.

Were the Cherokee nomads or settlers?

The Cherokees are settlers. why? because nomads are people that travel from place to place, Cherokees 'settled'...

How did the nomads who developed the Fertile Crescent become farmers?

they realized if they planted grain they didn't have to go from place to place- they realized if they were able to raise their own livestock they wouldn't need to hunt or follow herds of game.

What did a Mesopotamian farmer associate?

He associated with other farmers and traders who banded together to protect their land from marauding nomads.

Why did the Nomad and farmers fight?

Early Nomads displayed aggression towards farmers while entering their land and likely instigated threat displays. We are more evolved now and do not have to worry about such things.