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Because the soldiers had took over their homeland. they stay there for years and over the years the had rapped the child and women and kilt them as well

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The Viet Cong, a guerrilla force in the Vietnam War, opposed and fought against the US soldiers primarily because they viewed the US as an occupying force interfering in their struggle for independence. They believed that the US was supporting an unjust and oppressive regime in South Vietnam and sought to end foreign intervention in their country. The hatred towards the US soldiers was largely driven by their opposition to the US involvement in the war, rather than a personal animosity towards individual soldiers.

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Q: Why do the Vietcong hate the US Soldiers with hatred?
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What was the name US soldiers gave to Vietcong?

they were the south vietnamese irregulars

What military did the Vietcong have over the Americans?

the Us was better than the vietcong in military it was guerilla warfare that was over the Us

What happened in Vietnam after the US withdrew?

After the US withdrew from Vietnam the Vietcong came into power. South Vietnam fell under communist rule by the Vietcong.

Why were the vietcong called the elusive enemy?

The Vietcong was an elusive enemy, because they didn't fight with a traditional army. Their fighters hid, spread out, regrouped, etc in a highly dense rain forest, making it very difficult for the foreign soldiers (US Americans mostly) to find and fight them.

Should you return hatred for hatred?

No, we should not repay evil with evil. Rather, we should love our enemies and do good to those who hate us (cf. Luke 6:35-37).

What is a search and destroy mission?

In Vietnam the search-and-destroy missions were when US soldiers went into the heart of the Vietnamese countryside searching for the Vietcong, destroying any enemy strongholds, supplies or weapons they found. They often had to avoid traps set up by the Vietcong, such as mines under steps and leaves.

Did all southerners hate the Yankees during the US Civil War?

Hate was not a factor when the US Civil War began. As casualties mounted higher and higher, hate became a factor. This was true for soldiers on both sides or saw their enemies causing the deaths of friends and families.Later when Union General Sherman brought the Southern population into the war by destroying their property, Southern hatred against the North intensified.Now with all that said, US President Lincoln did not "hate" nor did Confederate President Jefferson Davis.The hate generated by the US Civil War developed into "hate organizations" such as the Ku Klux Klan.As an aside, there was true hate in Vicksburg Mississippi. That city did not celebrate the Fourth of July until 1945. That was due to the horrors of the Union's siege of Vicksburg.

What did the Vietcong do to fight against the technology of the US military?

The Vietcong were well supplied with Soviet military technology to counter that of the US; in addition, they were able to improvise simpler but effective weapons. And lots of them died. Remember, there were roughly a million Vietnamese deaths in the war, as compared to a mere 50,000 for US soldiers. Clearly, American military technology was very effective. The Vietnamese paid a very high price for their military victory.

How to pacify hatred of the enemy?

It is at times difficult not to hate an enemy, but when we stop and think about it are we hating the man or what the man is doing? Then there is your question "How to pacify the hatred an enemy has for you". Retaliation is out of the question unless it is to protect life and property. A soft word can overcome many who show hate towards us. I think if we can establish why we are hated and discuss this issue then we are on the way to quieten the roaring lion. There may be some who are fanatical in their hatred for us, and there is little we can to to pacify them. So long as we are not the first to show any form of anger then we are justified in our protecting ourselves our families and our property.

When did the US Army discover the Vietcong tunnels in the Vietnamese War?

Probably on the very first patrol anyone went on. The Vietcong tunneled pretty constantly throughout the war.

How long did Vietcong last?

They are still there they were the victors in the war with the US and now rule Vietnam.

What weapons did Vietcong use against the US?

The South Vietnam Army used firearms from the U.S. such as the M14 and the M16 or the M1 Carbine since South Vietnam was the ally of the U.S! The Vietcong used mainly the AK-47 provided by China and Russia.