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Many families, from Scotland, Canada, Poland etc. moved to America because it was a free country

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Q: Why immigrants moved to the US to live?
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What countries were the new immigrants from that moved into the US?


Who are immigrants?

People born in a country who moved to live in another country.

Who were the immigrants who moved into Ohio?

who whethe immigrants who moved into ohio

What illegal immigrants are allowed to live in the US?

The term "illegal immigrant" says it all. There are no illegal immigrants who are allowed to live in the US.

Why did the immigrants move to the US?

they moved to find freedom and peace because the king was a jerk

Where did the immigrants from Ellis Island go to live?

The immigrants that passed through Ellis island moved to a variety of places, generally based on their ethnicity. In general, the Irish immigrants went to Boston or New York, German immigrants moved to the Midwest, and English immigrants stayed on the east coast. However, there are always exceptions.

Where in the US does an appaloosa live?

They live anywhere they are bred or have been moved to!!!!

Where did Alexander ovechkin live?

he used to live in russia then he moved to the US

Where do most Kashmiri immigrants to the US live?

There are several thousand Kashmiri immigrants to the U.S. in Buffalo, New York.

Why arent Mexicans allowed in the US?

Mexicans ARE allowed in the US. As visitors and legal immigrants. When people from any country want to come to the US to stay, live and work, there are laws that cover the procedures to do that. Many people in Mexico have ignored that law, and moved into the US illegally.

One of the most important things that immigrants who moved to cities such as Detroit Chicago New York and Philadelphia received from other immigrants was what?

Information about how to live in this new country - Apex

Why had the Chinese immigrants moved to California?

They moved to California to look for gold

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