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Q: Why is there one minutes silence on ANZAC day?
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Why do we have the one minute silence on Anzac day?

it is to show respect and remembrance of those who died for us

What is the day one week after Anzac day?

Exactly one week after Anzac Day is the 2nd of May.

Which is the odd one out American independence day anzac day Boxing Day Valentine's Day Halloween day.?

anzac day

Is the last post played before or after the one minutes silence on rembrance day?


How many minutes of silence do you have on remembrance day?

Remembrance is celebrated in the (British) Commonwealth. Observance usually includes a silence at 11am on November 11th, which is when the armistice was signed in 1918. Depending on the country, the silence can be either one or two minutes.

What is the date one week after Anzac Day?

Exactly one week after Anzac Day is the 2nd of May.

Does Australia celebrate Anzac day too?

No one celebrates ANZAC Day. However, both Australia and New Zealand commemorate ANZAC Day with solemn remembrance ceremonies.

Who do you celebrate ANZAC Day with?

ANZAC Day is not a day to be celebrated, but one to be commemorated. The best people with whom to commemorate ANZAC Day are those who mean the most to you - family and friends.

What was the ANZAC day war?

There was no such thing as an "ANZAC Day war". ANZAC was the name given to the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, specifically those who landed at Gallipoli, during World War One. ANZAC Day commemorates the sacrifice of these men in a hopeless and unwinnable campaign.

What is the date exactly one week after ANZAC day?

2nd May

What is the origin of one minutes silence?

The Quakers are credited for the practice of one minute of silence. The practice dates back over 300 years ago. The minute of silence is for prayer and reflection.

What is one week after Anzac Day?

Yom HaAtzmaut for Jews.

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