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why is henry kelsey important

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Q: Why was Henry Kelsey important in the history of Canada or North America?
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Why did Henry kelsey come to Canada?

Henry Kelsey came to Canada to work for the HBC in fur trade.

When was Kelsey Matheson born?

Kelsey Matheson was born on June 21, ????, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

What skills does Henry Kelsey have?

he was a fur trader, explorer, and sailor who played an important role in establishing the Hudson Bay company in Canada

What has the author Carleton Kelsey written?

Carleton Kelsey has written: 'Amagansett' -- subject(s): History

Who is America kelsey wyman mother?

Susan (Cozart) Kelsey

How did Henry Kelsey Travel?

Henry Kelsey traveled by ship and canoe. When he was on land he walked

Who sponsored henry kelsey?

Henry Kelsey was sponsored by the Hudson's Bay Company for his explorations and expeditions in North America during the late 17th century.

What was Henry Kelsey's impact on Canada?

Henry Kelsey was an explorer known for being the first European to explore the Canadian Prairies. His expeditions helped expand knowledge of the geography of North America and opened the way for further exploration and settlement in Canada.

What is the history of the name Kelsey?

it comes from celtic/gaelic meaning island of ships.

What animal did Henry kelsey discover?

Henry Kelsey was an explorer who is known for his travels in North America. He did not discover any specific animal, but he is credited with being one of the first Europeans to explore and trade in the interior of present-day Canada, particularly in the Hudson Bay region.

What has the author Rayner Wickersham Kelsey written?

Rayner Wickersham Kelsey has written: 'Farm relief and its antecedents' -- subject(s): Agriculture, Currency question, Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Agriculture 'Centennial history of Moses Brown school, 1819-1919' -- subject(s): Moses Brown School 'The tariff' -- subject(s): Tariff, History 'Friends and the Indians, 1655-1917' -- subject(s): Missions, Indians of North America, Society of Friends, Culture conflict, History, Quakers

What has the author Harry Kelsey written?

Harry Kelsey has written: 'Philip of Spain, King of England' -- subject(s): Marriage, History 'Sir Francis Drake' -- subject(s): Admirals, Biography, Explorers, History, History, Naval, Naval History, Privateering 'Sir John Hawkins' -- subject(s): Biography, History, History, Naval, Naval History, Relations with slave traders, Slave trade, Slave traders 'Discovering Cabrillo'