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Q: Why was Robert E. Lee called the Gray Fox?
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Did Robert E. Lee have any nicknames?

Marble Model, Granny Lee, Bobby Lee, Marse Robert, Gray Fox.

What was General Robert E. Lee's nickname?

Robert E. Lee had several nicknames given to him:Marbel Model, Granny Lee, The Great Tycoon, The King of Spades, The Old Man, Marse Robert, and Bobby Lee.

What color was Robert E. Lee's uniform?


What was the color of Robert E. Lee's horse?

Traveller was gray

Who did Robert Lee call all lion and no fox?

John Bell Hood There is no record of Robert E Lee ever saying anything about Hood being too much or all lion and too little or no fox. This is a myth. Hood being called too much the fox and too little the lion was first written in a post-Civil War poem and has been wrongly attributed to Lee.

Why was General Robert E. Lee called Morse Robert E. Lee?

I think it was what his slaves called him: 'Marse Robert'.

What color was Robert e lee's outfit in the civil war?

Gray. Confederate uniforms were gray with red piping.

What color are Robert E. Lee eyes?

Lee had very pale blue etes, almost gray.

What has the author Robert Lee Fox written?

Robert Lee Fox has written: 'The evolution of hydrogen from solutions of trivalent columbium in sulfuric acid ..' -- subject(s): Columbium, Hydrogen, Sulphuric acid, Niobium, Sulfuric acid

Why was he called Robert E. Lee and not Robert edward lee?

Because Robert E. Lee sounds like a bosserest name to control the negroes

What was the name of Robert E. Lee's horse?

Robert E. Lee's horse during the Civil War was called Traveler.

What was Robert E. Lee's hair color?

As a young man, it was dark brown. As he aged, it turned light gray.