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Q: Why was it said that ''mudslinging'' took place during the campaign?
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What can be said the Confederate Army during the wilderness campaign?

It was not able to rest and heal after a battle.

What can be said of the Confederate army during the Wilderness Campaign?

It was not able to rest and heal after a battle.

What would prove to be General Lee's most grievous deficiency during the Gettysburg campaign?

he said "no".

What year did the battle of guadalcanal take place?

The battle, or, better said, the Campaign of Guadalcanal took place from August 7, 1942 through Feb. 7, 1943.

Did Obama promise the largest transfer of wealth in history?

No, he did not. This was political rhetoric from his Republican opponents during the presidential campaign. But Mr. Obama said no such thing.

What is a good sentence with campaign?

My teacher said get ready to run your own campaign unless u want to get an zero.

Definition of keep cool with Coolidge?

This was the campaign slogan used by Calvin Coolidge during his successful presidential campaign in 1924. The president and the press continued to use it, referring to Coolidge's steady but laid-back leadership style.

By the people for the people of the people who said?

Treasonous Abraham Lincoln, in his campaign for dictatorship of the U.S. had said this in his Gettysburg address. If you read the Constitution you will know why I said Treasonous, it defines it in there.

What did Lord Wellington say about the US capture of Mexico City during the Mexican American war?

Lord Wellington of Great Britain said the campaign to capture Mexico City in the Mexican-American war was a brilliant mission.

Who said the Difference is in the thickness in the campbells soup ad campaign in the 60's?

Barbara Mullen

Who said make America great again?

That was Donald Trump's campaign slogan for the Election of 2016.

What prayer of the mass is omitted during Lent?

The Gloria is not said or sung and the Alleluia is not said during Lent.