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The underground railroad helped the slaves get to freedom in Canada. If there was no Underground railroad there would still be slaves today.
It starts in 1810 and ends in1850

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Q: Why was the underground railroad important to so many people during the civil war?
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Who were important people in the underground railroad?

Important people involved in the underground railroad were, Harriet Tubman, and Henry "box" Brown. those are some important people involved.

Who were important people involved in the underground railroad?

Important people involved in the underground railroad were, Harriet Tubman, and Henry "box" Brown. those are some important people involved.

Who were some important people in the underground railroad and what did they do?

... :) White people

Was Harriet Tubman almost captured during her time in the underground railroad?

No she wasn't, because she knew shortcuts to where to go to when she was leading people to the Underground Railroad.

How many people worked on the underground railroad?

It is an estimate that 3,000 people worked on the underground railroad.

Was there a railroad in the underground railroad?

no. the underground railroad was a secret (underground) chain of people who would help slaves reach freedom. the "railroad" part of the underground railroad was simply a way to refer to the chain of people that runaway slaves would stay with.

How was the underground railroad made?

from the people who hated slavery so they made the underground railroad.

Why was the underground rail road so important to slaves?

The underground railroad was important to many slaves because of there skin color they were beginning sold to people and they were beginning separated from there family and beginning told what to do. Now they would follow the north star at night and if they see a quilt and if there is a blue color in the middle it is the Underground railroad but you have to be careful because it can be a trick. The Underground railroad IS NOT A RAIL ROAD OR IS NOT UNDERGROUND. The underground railroad helped slaves to be free.

Why did people move to Canada during the Underground Railroad period?

No offence black people. but the answer is it was the place of freedom southern people had slaves so black people moved north on the underground railroad but it wasn't really under ground

Who where the passangers and conductors of the underground railroad?

The 'passengers' of the Underground Railroad were enslaved African Americans and 'conductors' were abolitionists(people against slavery). But remember, the Underground Railroad wasn't underground and wasn't an actual railroad

Where did the underground railroad start?

The underground railroad started in 1923 (some say it started in 1619) by harriet tubman. It started in the South and in the north. it was NOT started by Harriet Tubman. It was started by Isaac Hopper in 1787 and he is known as the father of the underground railroad. Harriet was just one of the important people that helped with the railroad.

Who were the people involved in the underground railroad?

There were a lot of people involved in the Underground Railroad, but you're probably looking for Harriet Tubman.

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