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he found an ocean

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Q: Why was vasco Nunez de balboas exploration importance?
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What was Vasco Nunez de Balboas purpose of exploration?

to search for gold

What were vasco nunez balboas accomplishments?


Who was vasco nunez Balboas sponsor?


What is Vasco Nunez de Balboas Nationality?

Vasco Nunez de Balboa`s nationality is Spanish.

What did vasco nunez de balboas parents do for a living?

you hoemo

What paid for vasco nunez de balboas trip?


What did vasco nunez de balboas parents do?

parents are mean

What were vasco nunez de balboas best qualities?

his best qulities are that he was a governor

What was Vasco Nunez Balboas reason for exploring?

For gold and new land and to trade.

What was vasco Nunez Balboas real full name?

His full name was Vasco Núñez de Balboa.

What is vasco nunez de balboas ships names?

santa maria and the san aton

What was Vasco Nunez de balboas goal?

To find a new water way to Asia.