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they were built for kings and queens because kings and queens were royal and the leaders.

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some pyramids were built for pharaohs and queens as a tomb or grave for when they died.

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Q: Why were pyramids built for pharaohs and queens?
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Why did acient egypt build pyramids?

Ancient Egyptians built pyramids in order to bury the pharaohs and their queens.

Why did the Ancient Egyptians build pyrimads?

The Ancient Egyptians built pyramids for tombs for their pharaohs and their queens.

Why did the people build pyramids?

The pyramids were built by the ancient Egyptians (the slaves, specifically) for a very practical purpose. They were tombs for the most important members of ancient Egyptian civilization: the pharaohs and the pharaohs' queens.

Why Egypt built pyramids?

The pyramids were built to serve as tombs for the Pharaohs

Why do egyptians bury the dead in pyramids?

Only the Pharaohs and their queens were buried in the pyramids.

Are pyramids built for burying kings or pharaohs?

Pharaohs were the Egyptian kings. Though the egyptians did not call them kings, but pharaohs. So the pyramids were built fir pharaohs/kings.

What were the pyramids made for?

They were built as a tomb for the Pharaohs

Who was the pyramids built for?

for the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt

Why were pyramids only built for pharaohs?

Pyramids were only built for pharaohs because they were the only ones considered important. This is because they communicated with the gods.

Why did the Egyptians built pyramids for their kings?

The pyramids of ancient Egypt were built by the Egyptian population as a memorial to their pharaohs. The pharaohs demanded that the pyramids be built in order to honor themselves. The pyramids were linked to power & the regions of ancient Egypt.

Why were pyramids built in anicent Egypt?

Pyramids were burial places for the Pharaohs

Who was buried in the Egyptian pyramids?

pharaohs,kings,queens and more mostly the famous people =)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)

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