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No the cavemen did not create the Mesopotamians did before them.

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Q: Did cavemen create the wheel
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How did cavemen create the wheel?

no they didnt........ the mespotamian guys did

What did cavemen create?


Who is the first inventor of machine?

Cavemen, the wheel.

Who was the stone wheel invented by?

cavemen 6, 18, and 27

Where did the first wheel come from?

the very first wheel was invented by the cavemen in the late 12 billion BC,

What is the first recorded use of a wheel?

Cavemen trying to pick up cavewomen

How did cavemen paint?

Cavemen found lots of different ways to create artwork. They painted on walls and pieces of stone by using things such as berries that when smashed created different colors.

What is some of the first tranportation that people used?

Foot travel and travel by animals-it is thought that cavemen invented the wheel-

Did cavemen draw with blood?

There is no solid evidence to suggest that cavemen used blood for drawing. They mostly used natural materials like charcoal and earth pigments to create their cave art.

Is cavemen and people is alike?

Neanderthals were a species of cavemen, yes.

Who made the first types of music?

cavemen cavemen

Was there cavemen?

yes! there was cavemen,well that's what i have herd