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Clothing was made by hand either from wool or linen. Most people wore a wool tunic in the Roman fashion.


This depended upon who they were. The peasants wore very simple and rough wool tunics and short woolen trousers. They also wore boots. Women wore a woollen dress and boots as well. Peasants made their own clothing

Nobility had tailors to make their clothing.

Nobility wore completely different clothing. Fashions changed throughout the medieval period (much as they do today). But generally the higher their station in life, the better the clothing, and the more colourful it was.

Kings, Queens and nobility dressed in silks, fine linens, wool. Shoes made of leather were worn. The clothing was embroidered and very fancy. Men didn't wear pants like they do today, instead they wore hose (leggings) with a jacket or tunic over their under clothing.

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Most of the people in the Middle Ages were simple folk who made their own clothes. Some doubtless traded for clothes, but buying clothes was certainly done.

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Q: Did the people in the middle ages trade things to get clothes?
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