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Q: How did Russia differ from western Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries?
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How do western Europe and Russia differ in their use of natural resources?

Most of Russia's deposits are in siberia, and they are difficult to get.

How did the Russia of Peter the Great differ from Western Europe?

they had different climates and location obliviously so they had to adopt to different living styles to survive.

How did serfdom differ in eastern and western Europe?

In western europe serfdom had largely disappeared and in eastern europe serfdom was firmly rooted

How does the land size of Europe differ from the land size of Russia?

Russia has almost twice the land size of Europe.

How did the economy of central Europe differ from Western Europe?

one was comunist one was not

How did absolutism differ between Western and Eastern Europe?

In western Europe absolutism was enforced as opposed to Eastern Europe where there was some form of absolutism but not to a full extent it was leaning more towards serfdom.

How does the political situation in Belarus differ from the rest of Eastern Europe and Northern Asia?

its a puppet state of russia

How does the Renaissance mindset differ from thr Middle Ages and influence the evolution of Modern Western Europe?

What are the differences between France and Russia?

France is a Western European country known for its rich history, culture, and cuisine, while Russia is the largest country in the world spanning Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. France has a parliamentary system of government, while Russia operates under a semi-presidential system. The two countries also differ in language, with French as the primary language in France and Russian in Russia.

How did the fourteenth century in Europe differ demographically from the High Middle Ages?

The fourteenth century in Europe did not differ demographically from the High Middle Ages much. The large-scale migration of peoples all over Europe had mostly happened between 400 and 800 AD . The later Viking migrations into England, Russia and Sicily had happened in the centuries thereafter, but by the 13th century big demographic shifts had become a thing of the past. The only very notable change was that the 14th century had seen the second Great Plague, also known as the Black Death, that killed between 50 and 70% of Europe's population.

How does the marine west coast climate in Western Europe differ from marine west coast climates in other parts of the world?

because the weather changes

How did the Christian church in Ireland differ in structure from the Christian church in Western Europe?

A major goal of the christian church during the crusades 1096-1291 was to?