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Slavery has been practiced since the beginnings of mankind. Anywhere there is a group in power, there is risk for slavery to occur.

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Q: How long has the slave trade been practiced?
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How Long Did The Atlantic Slave Trade Last?

How long did the European Slave Trade last?

How long did the slave trade last?

The slave trade has not been abolished, it is still happening today.

How long did the Atlantic slave last?

How long did the European Slave Trade last?

Who started slave trade during the 1440s?

People enslaving other people has been around as long as humans have been around, for thousands of years. Slave trading did not START in the 1440s.

How long ago was the slave trade abolished in England?

The Slave Trade Act, which was passed on March, 25, 1807, abolished the slave trade in the United Kingdom. The act abolished slave trade in the British Empire, but not slavery itself.

How long did the slave trade take?

The slave trade started before recorded history and is still happening today

Why did it take so long to abolish the slave trade in Britain?

because of the money Britain was getting from the slave trade

How long was Olaudah Equiano a slave?

he was a slave trade about 10 years or so...

Why did it take so long to abolish the slave trade in East Africa?

There are many reasons why it took so long to abolish the slave trade in East Africa. The main reason is that some of the people within the communities were benefiting from slave trade and were therefore slow to react.

Why did the slave trade flourish for so long?

cus of pickle

How long has Confucianism been practiced?

Approximately 2,500 years.

Who is trying to stop slave trade?

slave trade has been around for a long, long time now so please stop the stuff out now because it is so sad but i dont know the answers but i will have a say in it so here we go, over these many many years well not many years kids familys people have been sending there kids away n selling them for money I think that is so sad but yea so please stop slave trade child labour n all this sad stuff.