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Since 90% of the population was in farming they worked 365 days a year.

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Q: How many days in year did people work in the 1600s?
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How early did a medieval blacksmith get up?

Daylight dominated the schedules of people in the middle ages. Daylight was the only really bright light available, so people, including blacksmiths and other craftsman, tended to rise early, eat a light breakfast, and get to the work of the day as soon as there was adequate light. Work days were longer in Summer than in Winter, as there was more available light. Work days ended when the sun went down, and medieval people would likely spend the dark hours indoors, lighting their dwellings with firelight. Candles and lamps were known, but candles were expensive and dim unless used in large numbers.

How did the mining boom change the west?

Over the years, after many companies started mining, many people from the east went there to mine and work which led to the settlement of the west.

What was Week work in medieval times?

Week work was what villein's had to weekly for the lord of the village

How long did medieval people work each day?

The Medieval people worked for 2 to 4 hours each day and they had to work every single day, except if they were really ill.

What does word civilization mean?

Civilization comes from the Latin word for city. Civilization is the process whereby people settle in towns and cities. This is only possible by the development of grain farming, where the labour of one farmer can feed many many people. The people who are fed by the farmer's labour do not need to work at producing food, and can live in permanent settlements and become artisans, political leaders, merchants and priests.

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Who needed slaves?

If you are talking about the famous Egyptian slaves, it has been proved that they were not slaves but free people. If, however, you are talking of 1600s onwards, people were too lazy to do the work themselves, because life was hard in those days and work was also hard. These people took people as slaves to do the work for them. Solve your question?

If 2 persons complete their work in 5 days how many days will be taken by 5 persons to complete the same?

2 Days. 2 people x 5 days = 10 days of work. 10 days / 5 people=2 days

How many hours do people work on curing a disease?

24 days

What grew from the work of many scientist who studied cells beginning in the 1600s?

The work done gave rise to the theory of cells.

Why would wages for labor be higher in Pennsylvania than in England in the 1600s?

In the 1600s, wages for labor were higher in Pennsylvania than in England because there were less people to work. Knowing that the land was cheaper and the wages were higher was one reason many people immigrated to America.

Men jobs in 1600s?

to work in the Field

How many days a week do nurses work?

It depends on how many days a week they have to work.

What did upper class men do in 1600s for work?


How many days a year do you work if you only work 4 days?

208 days

How did people survive without electrical appliance in the 1600s and1800's?

they actually did work and didnt sit around and be lazy just to get fat! (you!)

How many days a week do Danish people work?

5 days per week. Most Danes have 37 hour work week and 5 weeks of paid vacation weeks.

If there is 365 days in a year and you do not work 2 days of the week how many days do you work?

260 days.