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Q: The strongest invaders to attack western Europe during the Middle Ages were the .?
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What countries came out of the middle ages in the strongest position?

At the end if the Middle Ages, the strongest countries in Western Europe were probably England, France, and Spain. In Eastern Europe, the strongest was the Ottoman Empire, though much of it was in Asia.

What was the strongest civilizing force in Europe during the early Middle Ages?

The strongest civilizing force in Europe during the early Middle Ages was the Church.

The first invaders who overran Europe in the early Middle Ages were of which descent?

Chaldeans in seventh century

What regions of Europe experianced out migration?

middle east and western Europe

Is France in the Middle East?

No. France is in Western Europe, not the Middle East.

Most famous invaders of Europe during the early middle ages?

the vikings, magyars, and the nomads

Is there any difference between the physical geography of western Europe today and western Europe of the early middle ages?


Is Ireland middle eastern?

No, Ireland is located in Western Europe.

What was the common link for people in western Europe during the middle ages?

Most people of Western Europe, for most of the Middle Ages, were linked by a belief in Christianity, in the communion of the Catholic Church.

As the middle ages ended the rise of a middle class in western europe can be attributed partly to the?


When did feudalism develop in western europe?

The middle ages- 1000-1500 AD.

What three ways did the crusades have impact on western Europe in the middle ages?