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Well When the Trojan People brought the wooden horse to land they lied saying that it was a gift for forgivness, and that they surrender. but the other people thought that the trojans were telling the truth so they partied. When the other people were all drunk and not paying attention to anything that was going on the trojans came out and attacked everybody, killing almost all of them. I Think that that was clever of them but it was a pretty bad event so yeahh.. :)

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Q: What are some interesting facts about the Trojan horse?
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When was the Trojan Horse computer Virus created and by who?

"Trojan Horse" does not refer to a specific computer virus, rather it refers to a particular characteristic of some computer malware. A Trojan Horse or Trojan is a bit of software that masquerades as legitimate software but contains hidden malware. It takes its name from the Greek tale from the Trojan War where the Greeks left a big wooden horse outside the gates of Troy with a bunch of Greek soldiers hidden inside. Just like the Greeks used their "Trojan Horse" to trick the Trojans into bringing them inside their defenses, Trojan malware tries to trick users into bringing the malware inside their computer defenses where it can then do its dirty work - such as (but not limited to) data theft, installing backdoors, turning the user's computer into a zombie in a botnet, trashing the computer. Since "Trojan Horse" only refers to a characteristic and not a specific virus, it is impossible to assign an actual date or perpetrator to it. It should also be understood that a Trojan is not really a virus. A virus replicates itself without user intervention, whereas a Trojan relies on tricking a user into downloading it. According to a survey conducted by BitDefender from January to June 2009, "Trojan-type malware is on the rise, accounting for 83-percent of the global malware detected in the world".

Why are some computer viruses called Trojan horses?

A trojan horse is a type of malware that can deal damage to your data and your computer, and not really a "virus". Trojan horses get their name from the works of Homer that describes of the military strategy used against the Trojans in the Trojan War. The Greeks used a wooden horse filled with a small contingency of troops inside as a "gift". Once inside, the hidden troops will infiltrate and attack from the inside.

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