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The Roman soldier had the standard gripes about army life as present day soldiers. Some of these were the lack of sleep, the discipline, the amount of deductions from their pay, the attitude of their centurion, and the food.

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Q: What complaints did Roman Soldiers about life in the Army?
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What were the advantages and disadvantages of joining the Roman Army?

Joining the Roman army gave you a 20-year career, a pay and on discharge, the grant of either a sizable lump sum of money or a plot of land to farm.

What mineral did roman soldiers receive as their pay?

The ancient Roman scholar Pliny the Elder thought that the word salarium (salary) came from salarius (salt), and said this was because in the old days soldiers were paid in salt. However, he wriote in the mid-first century A.D. and was referring to a nonspecific and hazily remembered distant past. This was unlikely to have been the case. At most the soldiers would have received an allowance for the purchase of salt, probably because the price of salt was liable to increase at times of military conflict. The ancient Roman historian Livy wrote that pay for the soldiers was introduced in 405 B.C. when Rome decided to besiege the neighbouring Etruscan city of Veii. Livy also said that this pay was called stipendium and that a tax, which was called tributum, was raised to fund this pay. The soldiers were paid with money. The first mention of the amount of money the soldiers received was by the Greek scholar Polybius, who, writing in the second century B.C., said that they were given two (Greek) oboli per day which was the equivalent of 100 Roman asses a month.

Why were the Roman Army so successful for there training?

They were highly disciplined, with intelligent and effective commanders, were issued good quality equipment, and were well trained in the use of their equipment and effective combat formations and manoeuvres. The Romans also made a point of learning as much as they could about their enemies prior to engaging them in combat so they could take advantages of the enemies weaknesses and take contingencies against their strengths.Of course this was not always the case, most of the major defeats of the Roman army can be traced to failures of one or more of these factors.

What are the disadvantages of being in the roman army?

The main disadvantage of being in the Roman army was, for some, the loss of the rights of Roman citizenship. A wayward soldier could be flogged and even crucified in extreme cases. The personal freedom, such as civilians enjoyed, was denied him as he had to obey orders. There were also long enlistment hitches and after discharge, a period of five years when he had to be on reserve. Despite all the discipline, marching, being away from home, many men remained in the army, reenlisting as they loved the life.

What heavily influenced the roman way of life and government?

The Roman way of life and government was influenced by mos majorum (the ways of the ancestors); that is, tradition. The way of life of the Roman elites was also influenced by the Greeks.

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Why did Roman soldiers rely on their generals after marius reformed?

Marius' reform created a professional army. Soldiers signed up for 16 years. Later this was extended to 20 and 25 years. The military became their life, they were stationed around the empire and were isolated from their relatives and from civilian life. They became loyal to their commanders.

How are roman numerals used in Army?

Roman numerals have the same numerical values as in civilian life and so it follows that the Army's usage of them makes no difference.

What is 33 L in the ra?

I have a feeling it is: Legions in the Roman Army... but i wouldn't stake my life on it.

Why were soldiers deserting the Continental Army?

Life as a soldier in the Continental Army was tough...the soldiers of the Continental Army were primarily farmers who had no prior experience in warfare. America lacked the funding to supply the soldiers with basic needs such as shirts, jackets, socks, shoes, and food. In especially tough times like at Valley Forge, more soldiers left because of the raging cold and lack of supplies.

What has the author Victor Vogel written?

Victor Vogel has written: 'Soldiers of the old army' -- subject(s): History, Military life, United States, United States. Army

What did the Terracotta Army fight with?

The Terracotta Army are statues and therefore were never real. However, the Images were based on a real army of soldiers commanded by Qin Shihuang. So the terracotta warriors never fought. They were made to accompany the emperor Qin Shihuang to the next life as the Chinese believed that they would be his army in that next life.

Did Saint George the soldier get married?

Most Roman soldiers were not married. It was Roman law. A soldier should be able concentrate fully on his duties and not be bothered with home life. Also, married soldiers would often bring their families with them while on campaign and this was an additional burden on the entire unit of soldiers. Food and shelter would have to be provided for them.

Bear true faith and allegiance to the US Constitution the army your unit and other soldiers best describes which value?

Loyalty - from the U.S. Army Values Source:

Is there any legal complaints against American equity investment life insurance company?

Yes, there are many legal complaints against American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company. Most of the legal complaints touch on compensation.

What is the social life of the roman soldiers?

They had a social life fairly consistent with the civilian life. They were soldiers, not prisoners. Legion headquarters were usually stationed near a town, or a town was built up around them. They had the amenities of the towns when out on leave. In the camps themselves, there were the various religious celebrations and of course the dice games.

What greek city-state was known for its preparation of soldiers?

Sparta was largely known for it's preperation of soldiers because at 7, men wold live in barracks. Then they would train to be in the army almost all their life.

What is army bread?

It is another name for hard tack, a hard bread which has a long shelf life. It was issued to soldiers in combat areas until about 1930.