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Cornish expression for "wacky" or "crazy."

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Q: What does 'gone bodmin' mean?
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What does Goon Bren mean?

'Bodmin Moor'

What is the population of Bodmin?

The population of Bodmin is 12,778.

What does the term 'bodmin' mean?

Bodmin generally refers to rambling, rebellion, and overall madness. More specifically in a cynical sense which could be derived from a wide range of afflictions.

When was Bodmin Hospital created?

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When was Bodmin Jail created?

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Bodmin General railway station ended in 1967.

When was Bodmin General railway station created?

Bodmin General railway station was created in 1887.

When was Frederick Leveson-Gower - Bodmin - born?

Frederick Leveson-Gower - Bodmin - was born in 1819.

When did Frederick Leveson-Gower - Bodmin - die?

Frederick Leveson-Gower - Bodmin - died in 1907.

When was Bodmin Parkway railway station created?

Bodmin Parkway railway station was created in 1859.