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Q: What is westward expansion about?
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Which policy would be most likely be supported by the Democrats?

Westward expansion

How did Zebulon pike impacted westward expansion?

what does zebulon pike have to do with the westward expansion

When Did The WestWard Expansion Start?

The westward Expansion started after the gold rush in 1849.

What is a boomer from the westward expansion?

Westward boomers in oklahoma

Did the battle of little bighorn take place in westward expansion'?

Not in westward expansion, during, it was one of the expansion wars. It took place in Montana,

What policy would most likely be suppurated by the democrats?

Westward expansion (APEX)

How was John Quincy Adams in the westward expansion?

Although originally a supporter, Quincy opposed westward expansion by 1843 because of the consequent expansion of slavery into Texas.

What was the date of the westward expansion after the civil war?

There was not one specific date, Westward Expansion happened over a long period of time.

Was Ulysses S. Grant president during westward expansion to the west?

He was one of the presidents during westward expansion. He was president from 1869-1877 and westward expansion was roughly from 1858-1896 i think...

What were the economic reasons for the U.S.expansion westward?

Westward Expansion and Related Economic Issues

Are the westward expansion and the westward movement the same?

Yes they are the same because along with the expansion, many Americans had to move and settle on the Western lands.

In his famous 1893 frontier thesis what was Fredrick Jackson Turner's view of westward expansion?

The expansion had shaped the nation's values. Westward expansion gave the U.S its character of rugged independence.