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The second millennium.

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Q: What millennium does the year 1001 belong in?
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What year began the 2nd millennium?

The 2nd Millennium began in the year 1001.

What year starts and ends the second millennium?

The start of the second millennium AD was 1001, and the final year of the second millennium was 2000.

What time was second millennium BC?

From the year 1001 to 2000.

Which millennium does the year 2011 belong to?


When was the second Millennium?

From the 1st of January 1001 to the 31st of December 2000.

What is third millinnium?

A millennium is 1000 years. Therefore, the first millennium (after Christ) is years 1-1000, the second millennium is 1001-2000, and the third millennium (which started a few years ago) is 2001-3000.

When will the next millennium year be?

The next millennium year will be in the year 3000.

What millennium was the year 1399 in?

The year 1399 was in the second millennium.

What does the second millennium BC or BCE mean in terms of beginning and end dates?

2000 BC through 1001 BC

What will be the millennium in year of 3000?

It will be the third millennium, being its final year.

What year was before the first millennium?

The year zero was the year before the first millennium.

What is a 1000 year period called?

A millennium