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The word cross or crossword puzzle is credited to Arthur Wynne. It was published in the New York World, a newspaper published in New York City from 1860 to 1931, on December 21, 1913.

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Q: Where did the word cross come from?
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The word crusade is a blend of the Middle French word croisade and the Spanish word cruzada. These are both derived from the Latin word cruc-, meaning cross. The most basic translation is help the cross.

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The literal meaning of the word cross is a shape consisting of a vertical line bisected by a transverse, horizontal line, or an upright post with a transverse beam attached.In Christianity, the cross has a special meaning relating to the cross used by the Romans as an instrument of execution - the crucifix - upon which Christ was executed.There are many other uses of the word cross, with many definitions; the link below might be helpful in sorting through them.The word cross comes to the English language from Old Irish, cros, and can be traced back to the Latin, crux, crucis, meaning a stake, or cross-shape; it is thought to come from the Phoenician, but of course would have come to that language from now-untraceable roots.

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The word cross is the singular form.The plural noun is crosses.

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