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who ruled Russia during 1700

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Q: Who ruled Russia in the 1700s?
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Until the 1700s India was ruled by?

The British Empire.

Who ruled Russia 1927 -1953?

Joseph Stalin ruled Russia, actually the Soviet Union, from 1927 to his death in 1953.

Peter the great and Catherine the Great ruled what country?

Ruled Russia

Was Russia ever ruled by British?


Who ruled Russia in 1805?

Alexander I.

Did Russia have an unlimited government when Catherine and Peter the Great ruled Russia?


Which modern day nations did the mongols ruled?


In the 1700s what were the 13 original coloniesWhich country ruled them?

Every state on the east coast was ruled by Great Britain. 1/4 of the rest of the undicovered land was ruled by Spain.

The provisional government that ruled Russia after the March 1917 Revolution was?

The provisional Government that ruled Russia after the March 1917 Revolution was chosen by the Duma.

Who was the president of Russia in 1869?

Russia did not have a president in 1869. Up until 1917 Russia was known as the Russian Empire, ruled by a monarch; the tsar. In 1869 Russia was ruled by Tsar Aleksandr II (reign 1855-1881).

What state was once ruled by Russia?


What country was ruled by Peter the Great?