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They are not. The C7 bulb is smaller, including the socket.

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Q: Are C7 and C9 light bulbs interchangeable?
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What is the difference between C7 and C9 Christmas lights?

The C7 range of christmas lights are 5 Watt bulbs which are 2.125 inches tall and 0.875 inches wide. The C9 range of christmas lights are 6 watt bulbs which are 2.875 inches tall and 1.125inches wide.

Where in online one can find high quality c9 bulbs?

There are many resources online that sell quality C9 Bulbs. These include sites such as Bulbs, 1000Bulbs, Light Exports, and Christmas Central. Additionally, one can find C9 bulbs at Amazon and eBay too.

What differences are there between c9 and c7 Christmas lights?

The difference between c9 and c7 Christmas lights is their bulb size. They also use different amounts of energy. They both can be retrofitted for LEDs.

Where can you get c9 type replacement bulbs?

They are readily available at Hobby Lobby and usually at Wal-Marts, if not sold out.

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Where can one find C9 lights in Texas?

One can find C9 lights in Texas from the following online stores; Christmas light etc, Christmas light source, Christmas light and more and Light bulb depot.

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Where can one purchase C7 lights?

One can purches C9 LED Christmas Lights in online stores such as eBay, Walmart, Amazon etc. These Christmas lights ranges from $14 to $26 ( prizes depends on color and quality of Christmas Lights ).

What is the value of a 9mm model C9?

If you mean a Hi Point C9,about $150.