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No, you cannot get married during the period when Orthodox Lent begins and Orthodox Easter, as Great Lent is a period of mourning and fasting. You can get married before Lent or after Easter, but not during Lent.

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Q: Can I get married between orthodox Lent and orthodox Easter?
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When lent starts for orthodox Easter 2015?

Orthodox Easter Lent (Great Lent) started on Monday, February 23, 2015.

When is Greek Orthodox Lent 2010?

Eastern Orthodox Lent in 2010 begins on 15 February and ends on 4 April (Easter Day).

What is the duration of lent in 2008?

Lent for Western Christians (Catholics, Protestants) ends on 22 March, since 23 March 2008 is the Western date for Easter. Lent for Eastern Orthodox Christians starts on 10 March and ends on 26 April, since 27 April 2008 is the Orthodox date for Pascha/Easter.

How many Lents are there in Malankara Orthodox Church in India?

There is only one Lent in the Malankara Orthodox Church in India, which is known as the Great Lent or the 50-day Lent. It begins on Clean Monday and ends on Great and Holy Saturday, just before Easter Sunday.

When do you stop eating meat at Easter time?

You don't fast during Easter. Catholics, Orthodox and some other Christians fast from meat during Lent: Catholics on Ash Wednesday and every Friday in Lent. Orthodox fast from meat every day during Lent. The Lenten fast ends on Holy Saturday night with the celebration of the Easter Vigil. The purpose of the fast is to discipline the body and focus on the spiritual life.

When is Greek Orthodox Lent 2009?

Eastern Orthodox Pascha (Easter) dates for 2009 are: Monday 2 March - Great Lent and fasting begins (Clean Monday) Friday 17 April - Great and Holy Friday (Good Friday) Sunday 19 April - Holy Pascha (Easter Day)

What is lent and what does it have to do with Easter?

lent prepares us for easter

Is Easter part of Lent?

Easter is the end of Lent.

Are there any exceptions that can be made for an Orthodox Christian to get married on Bright Saturday?

Marriages are not permitted during Great Lent, but they are permitted during Bright Week, which includes Bright Saturday. Bright Week is the week after Easter Sunday.

What date did Lent start in 2010?

February 17, 2010For followers of Western Christianity, Lent always begins on Ash Wednesday. In 2010, Ash Wednesday occurred on February 17. Therefore, Lent began on February 17 of that year.In the Orthodox church however, Lent began on February 15, 2010 of the Gregorian calendar. Orthodox Lent always begins on what is called 'Clean Monday.' This is a feast that occurs seven weeks before the Orthodox Easter Sunday.

What are the Esperanto words for Lent and Easter?

The Esperanto words for Lent and Easter are Karesmo and Pasko.

What is the difference between advent and lent?

Advent begins on the 4th Sunday before Christmas. Lent is the 40 days before Easter.