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  • Yes, there are wedding shops in your area that not only rent wedding dresses; tiaras; veils; shoes, but also tuxes; shoes; shirts, etc.
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Q: Can you rent a wedding
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Where can you rent bench seating for a wedding?

You can rent a bench seat for a wedding at local wedding supply stores. You can also look into buying one from a thrift shop.

Can you rent your wedding dress?

Yes, you can rent your wedding dress. Go to several wedding shop rentals to find the wedding dress you prefer. Also, men's tuxes can be rented as well as can be the maid of honor and bridesmaids.

Where can you rent wedding dress in Connecticut?

I'm sure there are bridal shops that have dresses for rent.

Where can one rent a wedding limousine?

There are many places to rent a wedding limousine. Among them are Limousines, The Knot, Limo, Wedding Wire, All Things Limousine, VIP Limo Tux, and All Stretched Out.

Can you rent a wedding dress?

Yes, you can rent wedding dresses and the dresses for your Maid of Honor; Bridesmaids and of course men in the wedding generally rent their suits or tuxes from a rental shop anyway. Look it up in the yellow pages under Wedding Dresses - Rentals of your phone book or go on the Internet under your town and State.

Where to get the perfect wedding dress from?

That's up to you! You can buy, rent, or make your own wedding dress.

How much does it cost to rent a french chateau for a wedding?


Where can you rent a portable bar for an outdoor wedding reception?


Is it possible to rent Clontarf Castle for a wedding?

"Since Clontarf Castle is a hotel, I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem to rent out rooms or rent a banquet room for a wedding. If you want to rent the whole hotel, then I'm sure if you are able to provide a large sum of money, it's possible."

Where can someone rent a wedding photo booth?

There are many places where one can rent a wedding photo booth. Some wedding retailers, such as Forever Bridal, actually offer this service. Online places like ShutterBooth can also provide this service.

Who rents out wedding goblets?

Many party rental companies rent out everything you would need for your wedding and reception.

How much does it cost to rent banquet halls for a wedding reception?

It costs about $5,000 to rent banquet halls for a wedding reception