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they do but some don't, it really depends what country you're in because all countries and states have their own rules.

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Q: How come the bride's parents don't attend the wedding?
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When does the brides name come before the groom's name?

It goes back centuries ago when the young woman's parents would have a dowry to give to the groom to be. It's simply protocol (after all the bride's parents foot nearly the whole bill!) Usually because the brides parents are the ones paying for the wedding or at least the majority of it and are considered the true hosts of the wedding and because of the ladies first rule.

What to do if brides parents are not coming to rehearsal and dinner after the rehearsal?

If the brides parents have a good excuse for not being able to attend the rehearsal dinner it isn't the end of the world and you can still have the rehearsal dinner. If there was a disagreement and the bride's parents refuse to come it is up to the bride to be to let her parents know that it is going to be one of the happiest days of her life and they are ruining the fun by not attending the rehearsal dinner. If they still decline then have fun with the ones that will be attending the rehearsal dinner.

What wedding gift should the godparents of the wedding bring?

* The Godparents can give a gift at the wedding reception on monetary value or ask the parents of the Godchild what they may need. It is quite appropriate to give what you can afford and not necessary to buy and extremely expensive gift. Many brides and grooms register for gifts at different stores so ask the brides parents where they are registered. It's computerized and all you have to do is put the maiden name of the bride into the computer and a list of items will come up. The gifts that have been bought will be ticked off and you will have to pick another. If you have a problem then ask the salesperson to help you.

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Is it proper for the grooms parents to pay for all out of town guests along with the wedding party?

The groom's parents are only responsible for paying out of town guests at rehearsal dinner for: Parents of the bride (some parents are divorced and one ex may live out of town or both live out of town, but often the out of town parents of the bride will pay their own way if they can financially afford it); Maid of honor; bridesmaids; flower girl or ring bearer. Any other relatives or friends that are not in the wedding party should pay their own way.

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