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Its simple really. you quantify the expenetuals the fkdshklsadhlg and then you multiply by cat plus donkey and you get platypus. And if you really want a challange, you can add the end of the world to infinity squared and it makes wonderful beans.

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Q: How do you knit a chick for Easter?
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What does the Easter chick represent?

It represents new life.

What words have sh or ch that do with Easter?

Sheep And Chick. That's All I Can Find.

What does a chicken have to do with Easter?

Easter is springtime and spring is the season for renewal of life. That little yellow fluffy chick has become the symbol of that new life for many people because the egg is also a sign of the circle of life renewed and the chick comes from the egg. This is a marketing tool for many advertisers. The cute little chick is very appealing and represents good things.

Who sat on your Easter egg?

I did... I sat on my own Easter eggs. The Easter Bunny (originally a hare, but also now includes the rabbit) or the Easter Chick (other birds are used in some countries) are the most traditional Easter characters. I live in Australia, so perhaps it was the Easter Bilby.

Do Methodist celebrate Easter?

they go out and pull a hot chick and drink lots of root beer

What Easter egg have to do with Easter?

we have eastereggs because it mean new birth like a chick growing in a egg which is new bagging to chicks like new life. thanks for reading i hope this helps you

What is a baby chick a symbol of?

Baby chicks are associated with Spring and Easter. Baby chicks are a symbol of livestock and harvesting for farmers in the United States.

Why is Easter Monday a holiday?

I think its to symbolise the moving of the stone to the cave Jesus was in. An egg symbolises new life (like when the chick breaks from the egg) and Jesus did rise on this day and came back to life.

What is a Easter chicken?

A chicken egg is an egg where a chicken is born from. Their are lots of parts to a chicken egg. Below I listed some of the things a chicken egg has inside it and what it does. # Shell - Protects the embryo (chick)/Gives air for the chick with it's pores # Shell lining - Protects the embryo (chick)/waterproof so water can't get in OR out. # Egg white - Protects the embryo (chick)/Provides embryo (chick) with water. # Chalaza - Protects the embro (chick) from vibrations (also acts like a seat belt). # Egg Yolk - Provides food for the embryo (chick) # Air sac - a sac of air at the bottom of the shell. # Embryo - Where the chick grows out of on the egg yolk. Below I will explain what the parts of an egg look like. # Shell - A hard shell that has tiny holes in it called pores. # Shell lining - kind of like a rain coat that is waterproof (if you ever took a seed apart, the you would see a similar thing). # Egg white - Water that takes in any vibrations and provides water for the embryo. It doesn't evaporate because of the shell lining. # Chalaza - kind of like a seat belt or a rope holding the chick to the egg so it won't wobble around in the egg. # Egg yolk - The round yellow thing that you eat when eating an egg. It provides food for the embryo. # ? # Embryo - a tiny white dot on the egg yolk that will later become a chick. # Did you know that when you eat a chicken egg, your not really killing the chicken? That is because the dad of the chick didn't fertilize the egg yet, so their will never be a chicken in that egg.

What is the new movie hop about?

The movie Hop is an Easter comedy about a jellybean-pooping bunny named E.B. who is the son of the Easter bunny. His father wants him to become the Easter Bunny but E.B.'s dream is to become a drummer. He runs away to Hollywood, where dreams come true. E.B. is in the street in front of a mansion where a guy named Fred, who is supposed to be watching the mansion while the owner is gone, accidentally runs over him. He has to let E.B. stay with him for a while, which he doesn't want to do until he finds out that E.B. is the Easter Bunny. Meanwhile, a chick named Carlos wants to take over Easter and become the Easter Chick instead of having the Easter Bunny. I watched the movie last night and I LOVED IT.

Names of hand knit blanket?

Examples of names of hand knit blanket are: Hand Knit Initials Blanket, Hand Knit Pillow and Hand Knit Chevron Blanket.

What is the plural noun for knit?

The plural for of the noun 'knit' is knits (a word for knit garments or fabrics).The word 'knit' is also a verb.