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it depends on the box.

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Q: How many crackers are in a box?
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How many graham crackers in 1 lb box?

There are about 27 whole graham crackers in a 1 lb box.

How many pounds is a box of crackers?

The weight of a box of crackers can vary depending on the brand and size of the box. On average, a box of crackers could weigh around 0.5-1 pound. It's best to check the packaging for the specific weight of the crackers.



How many Graham crackers are in a box?

Depends on what brand it is.... Well i no u can get better answers.

A carton of crackers contains 12 boxes Each box of crackers contains 4 packages Each package contains 36 crackers How many crackers are in a carton?

12 * 4 * 36 = 1728 crackers

If there are 11 crackers in a box and each cracker can be split into six equal pieces if all the crackers are split into pieces how many pieces will there be?


How many goldfish crackers are in the pepperidge farm 11 oz box?

There are 269 goldfish in an 11 oz box.

How many calories in a box of saltine crackers?

About 80 calories for a few crackers, maybe 5 or 6.

Can I eat prawn crackers while pregnant?

yes u can eat those kind of crackers but not to many about half box is good unless your more then 5 months processed

How many crackers in a 400 gram box do I need to make 350 grams?

take away 50

What does best if used by date on a box of crackers mean?

It means that the crackers will taste better if you eat them by the date stamped on the box near there. If you eat them after that, they might be stale.

How do you read expiration date on case zesta crackers?

how do you read the experation date on the box of Zesta crackers