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To me with proper grama it ought Fathers' Day

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Q: Is it Father's day or Fathers' Day?
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what lighten up fathers on fathers day.?

you lighten fathers on fathers day.

When is Step-Father's Day?

Its on father's day - fathers day is for fathers, step-fathers and people who are like fathers to you - its a day for making father figure feel special :)

When is Fathers Day celebrated in the United States each year and is it different in Canada?

Fathers day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. Fathers day is celebrated on the same day in Canada.

What day was fater's day in 1956?

what day was fathers day in 1956

What would fathers like on fathers day?

A simple I love you dad on Father's Day with a Happy Fathers Day should make any dad pleased

What are the most common Fathers Day sayings?

The most common Fathers Day saying is 'Happy Fathers Day'. There are not many other sayings for this particular holiday.

Where can you find Fathers Day poems in Spanish online?

You can find fathers day poems in spanish online on the internet. A website that I recommend are This websites provides a few spanish fathers day poems.

Is there a day for kids?

The day for kids is every day including mothers and fathers day

What websites have free Fathers Day ecards?

You can get free fathers day ecards at many places. You can get them at, or

When is kid's day?

Every day ,including fathers day and mothers day.

Where can you send Fathers Day wishes via an ecard online?

You can send fathers day wishes via an ecard online. The website has father day ecards. When you're on the website highlight your mouse on ecards then click fathers day.

How do you say Happy Fathers Day in Tongan?

Happy Father's day dad u have done more and more in our