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Rain on your wedding day means the atmosphere was sufficiently unstable to support enough rising air and consequently, precipitation.

What else could it mean?

Your wedding day was someone else's funeral, another person's graduation, another person's car accident, and just another day for another 60 million people who experienced rain that day.

In some cultures rain is good luck, and can represent cleansing or stronger unity in the marriage.It comes from several cultures mainly from the Hindu with the idea that a wet knot is harder to untie. Since marriage is often referred to as tying the knot. Rain was also a symbol of fertility to agricultural societies, since rain restored and maintained the wellness of crops. Crops were peoples main source of stability and income so it was thought to guarantee a long happy marriage!

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Q: Is rain on your wedding day good or bad luck?
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What culture thinks it is bad luck to rain on the wedding day?

I don't know what culture thinks its bad luck to rain on the wedding day but apparently it's good luck. if it rains on your wedding day then it means you're going to be rich !

Is it bad luck to make love in your wedding dress after the wedding?

No, it is not bad luck to make love in your wedding dress after you have become man and wife.

Is it bad luck to wear pearl with the wedding ring?

No it's not because the pearl in Europe is the sign of good luck!

Is it bad luck to show wedding ring?

No, it's not bad luck.

Is it bad luck to break the knife on the wedding cake?

Good question! I never heard of that before!

Why is walking in the rain good luck?

Walking in the rain being considered good luck is a common belief in various cultures. It can symbolize renewal, cleansing, and rebirth. The idea is that the rain washes away negativities and brings a fresh start.

Meaning of toasing of wine in the wedding?

to get bad spirits/poison out the rim of glass; good luck to couple

A blizzard on your wedding day good luck or bad luck?

Good luck. If you can make it through the blizzard and still have a good time getting married, it says a lot about your love and your marriage.

Is it bad luck for the groom to see the bride?

only if she is in her wedding dress before the wedding

Is it good luck for the bride to tear her wedding dress accidentally on her wedding day?

Well,Depends on how it looks.If it looks bad then its not goodluck (most the time) If it looks good then sure.Call yourself lucky!

Is it bad luck to have the same maid of honor for second wedding?

No, it is not bad luck to have the same maid of honor at your second wedding. You have that particular maid of honor because you are close friends.

What are examples of superstitious beliefs?

- You will have bad luck for 7 years if you break a mirror - Dont let a black cat cross your path, it will bring you bad luck - Opening an umbrella indoors will bring you bad luck - Find a penny, pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck - Rain on your wedding day is a good omen -Do not ride a bicycle if you're a woman because you will not be pregnant