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Q: Is there any way to get the laser pistol in silent hill homecoming without having to beat the game first?
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When did Silent Hill Homecoming happen?

Silent Hill Homecoming happened in 360.

When was Silent Hill Homecoming created?

Silent Hill Homecoming was created on 2008-09-30.

Will they release silent hill homecoming for ps2?


What Is silent hill homecoming product key?


Is silent hill homecoming scary?

in some parts it can be, yes.

How tall is alex shepherd from silent hill homecoming?


What is the best xbox 360 game out for a girl?

Silent Hill: Homecoming

Is there any cheat codes for silent hill homecoming?

yes but not

How do you pass silent hill homecoming?

This question doesn't even make sense.

What console is silent hill homecoming for?

xbox 360 and ps3, possibly pc.

When does pyramid head dies in silent hill?

Pyramid Head never dies. He appears in Silent Hill two and Silent hill homecoming, but never dies. There are actually more than one pyramid head, as shown on Homecoming, so if one were to die, another would take his place.

Who developed the horror video 'Silent Hill Homecoming'?

Chief designer of Silent Hill Homecoming, Masashi Tsuboyama, annouced the game's development in a 2004 interview with Eurogamer, in which he also debunked previous internet rumors that it was to be called Shadows of the Past.