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The colors for Father Christmas were usually green robes because he is associated with holly and ivy.

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Q: Was father christmas first blue
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How do you write the toys of Father Christmas - is it Father Christmas's toys or Father Christmas' toys?

Father Christmas' toys!

What models are popular for Christmas paper?

Models which are popular for christmas paper are red, green or blue with father christmas on the paper. Also teddy bears or penguins are quite popular.

What is the origin of Father Christmas?

the origin of father Christmas started at Christmas

What color Christmas did Elvis sing about?

whiteHe also sang about a Blue Christmas

Where is the father of Christmas from?

Father christmas is from the north pole

Is father Christmas is the same person as father Christmas?


What words can you make out of Father Christmas?

Father Christmas

Who is Santa Claus or Father Christmas?

First of all (Just in case you don't know) Santa Claus and Father Christmas are both the same thing and also i don't know who they are but i can tell you that hindus do celebrate christmas.

What is Christmas called in south Africa?

Father Christmas is called Father Christmas in South Africa.

Is it Christmas father or Father Christmas?

neither its santa claus

What actors and actresses appeared in Father Christmas - 1991?

The cast of Father Christmas - 1991 includes: Mel Smith as Father Christmas

Can father Christmas be female?

Father Christmas can't be female but you can be Mrs.Claus.